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Inkoop Group

We redefine the supply chain by Air, Land and Sea.

Simple. We like the results.

Operator that provides Warehousing, Logistics, Distribution and Transportation services.

Moving goods in a technical and orderly manner is our business and we are specialized in order to develop it properly.

We have the necessary tools to offer a timely and adequate service to our customers.

About us

We are dedicated to the import and export of food and non-perishable products, including: dry, refrigerated and frozen products, such as: chicken, fish, beef, pork, fruits, vegetables, dairy, canned goods, among others.

We have a team of experts in the food industry with knowledge of the legislation and trade restrictions at international level and we take care to offer our customers a service with high quality standards.


INKOOP has a distribution service reaching the entire national territory in a direct way and without intermediaries, thus reducing the time and costs of delivery by handling the transfer of goods from its distribution centers strategically located to facilitate delivery to any point of the country.


We reach and serve a wide variety of channels and customers: Supermarkets, Maritime Industry, Aviation Industry, Institutions, Government, Mining, Food Distributors and much more.

Industries we serve
Inkoop Group

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